Welcome to ‘Yorkshire in Bloom’ judges Bridget Conner & Gemma Kelmanson – Spring Judging Monday 13th April 2015

‘Pocklington In Bloom’

One of the aims of Pocklington Town Council is to do well in the town section of the competition. The ‘In Bloom’ group is a sub-committee of the Council. There are usually only two meetings held per year because those involved would rather ‘roll their sleeves up’! The meeting in autumn is used to announce the results from the competition (usually on the night of the awards when light refreshments are provided). We then agree initiatives and planting for the winter. The early spring meeting is used to plan the summer displays. Membership comprises councillors and individuals representing various groups including the Horticultural Society and the W.I. Membership currently stands at ten. The group have carried out several initiatives including:

• planting daffodils on the approaches to the town,

• created herbaceous borders on areas of waste-land,

• purchased several plant boxes and maintained the lamp-post floral displays.

• Through close co-operation with our unitary authority, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, more permanent planting of flower beds has been undertaken.

• Another success has been the adoption of a circular flower bed in the closed churchyard. This is usually used to celebrate an anniversary of some local society or event. This year Burnby Hall Gardens Trust celebrates their 50 years anniversary which we will try to mark in some way. In 2010 the Arts Centre celebrated their 10th anniversary which we marked with a carpet bedding display.

• A couple of years ago a local Estate Agent celebrated their 21st year in business and planted 105 lavender plants 21 of 5 different types) in a border alongside the pavement of the churchyard. This has provided a wonderful scent which can be enjoyed by everyone including those who are visually impaired.

• A good system of watering plants was purchased two years ago when a vintage tractor (owned by the local green-waste recycling group) was used to provide power to drive a rotary pump which feeds from a 1000litre container. This year we are offering a service to traders of providing hanging baskets including a watering service.

• On 28th June 2015 Burnby Hall Gardens hosts a specialist plant fair within their grounds at which we have our own plant stall where our surplus/propagated plants will be sold for ‘In Bloom’ funds.

• External funding is not easy but we are currently trying to get sponsorship for the underplanting with annuals of the tree planters. We estimate each will take £10’s of bedding plants (red, white & blue). Companies are kind to us with Yara the local agricultural chemist providing both liquid and granular feeds free of charge.

Each year we liaise with the management at the Arts Centre to look out for suitable films or speakers. Two years ago they had Chris Packham from Springwatch the year before Bob Flowerdew the organic gardener. This year there is a newly issued film ‘a little chaos’ starring Kate Winslet is being shown at the Arts Centre later this month. Our intention is to hire the auditorium later in the year and sell tickets for a private viewing with proceeds going to buy plants.

• Pocklington in Bloom activities Continued to maintain twenty one tree planters which were originally donated to the Civic Society by a benefactor to the town. We have underplanted them with spring flowers & bulbs.

• Maintained a round flower bed in the grounds of the local church which each year we try to link to some anniversary in the town. This year the local Fairtrade group have planted the bed to mark their 10th anniversary.

• Organised the planting of lamp-posts rings, flower beds and railings in the town

• Displays in the bus station baskets

• Several years ago we designed and planted a permanent shrubbery and flower bed at the entrance to Burnby Hall Gardens

• Again a number of years ago we designed and planted a shrubbery and flower bed at the entrance to the West Green car park.

• Engaged local groups including Army Cadets and the Rotary Club, in daffodil planting on the entries to the town.

• Assisted with publicity about litter and dog fouling.

• Obtained sponsorship and created permanent planting around an electricity sub-station.

• Arranged for tree and bulb planting on West Green, a local green space area, by schools

• We organise a front garden competition for the town. The winner receives a rosebowl which we hope you will present on your summer visit.

• Encourage the recycling of greenwaste in the town. A voluntary group started a door-to-door collection service several years ago using a vintage tractor and trailer. The aim being to compost the waste locally and make the resulting soil enricher available to the townspeople. Altogether over 50 tonnes of waste was recovered last year. A fee is paid by our unitary authority for each tonne recovered and the group have now started offering the finished soil enhancer/mulch product back to the residents at a nominal charge. They have recently bought a soil sterilizer and are now able to offer sterilized soil at a competitive price.

• Developed both roundabouts in the town to make them attractive features. These have now attracted sponsorship to help with their maintenance costs.

This years initiatives

We have a volunteer group, Friends of Pocklington’s Green Spaces, who have been busy helping us to maintain Primrose Wood and West Green and are also helping Burnby Hall Gardens to keep their grounds looking smart. Within Primrose Wood we have planted some new primroses in the hope they will naturalise with those already growing wild.

As part of the national initiative on litter, a group of local people assisted Pocklington in Bloom members to conduct a litter pick on the outskirts of the town. We recovered an outstanding amount of debris from the roadside

We have arranged to have a plant stall at the plant fair at Burnby Hall Gardens on Sunday 28th June.

We continue to liaise with Pocklington Infants School to assist them with their out of school gardening club.

We have taken old and diseased trees from brick planters opposite the bus station and replaced them with shrubs.

This year’s displays at the WW1 memorial at the Post Office will feature poppies and other flowers in keeping with the centenary of WW1. A lot of work was done on the memorial last year and we have just been informed that the area has been given grade 2 listed building designation.

1000hrs Judges meet at Burnby Hall Gardens (post code YO42 2QQ) Car parking and facilities are provided. ‘In Bloom’ members Richard Wood & John Barber will accompany the judges who can be contacted tel. no. is 07824057447 in case of problems on the day.

1005hrs View the flower beds at the entrance to Burnby Hall created three years ago with financial help from Travis Perkins our local builders merchants. The local W.I. continue to maintain the bed alongside. Linda Sykes from the W.I. will be present.

Take a walk into town via The Balk & Regent Street. As we pass Donson Court note the flower displays at the front of the houses. As we pass All Saints Church note the lavender plants in the border and our circular display bed.

1040hrs At the Arts Centre we will stop for a comfort break and a quick review of photographs on the newly installed digital screen.

1055hrs Resume on foot to the Post Office – note the flower beds and displays. At Betterton Court a housing complex meet with Ann Wilson before leaving by car to the towns allotments.

1115hrs Journey by car to the town allotments on The Mile. We will there meet the chairman of the Allotment Association Pearl Harris who will describe the work of the group. There will also be an opportunity to meet with allotment holders and view their plots. During this visit there will also be an opportunity to view the greenwaste collection service operated in part of the town.

1140hrs Journey by car via Garths End and Yapham Road noting the under-planting of the street nameplates and other street furniture.

We then return to Burnby Hall Gardens via George Street and Station Road where we will meet with Ian Murphy the head gardener who will give a ‘whistle stop’ tour before the visit comes to an end by which time you will be ready for a sandwich & cup of tea in the café.


Flowers at the WW1 memorial


The judges in Burnby Hall Gardens


The judges at the Memorial Garden