Millington Wood Nature Reserve

Enjoy a gentle stroll through the finest botanical woodland in the East Riding, admiring fantastic landscapes as you go.


Circular WalkYes
Distance2 Miles
OS Map294
Car ParkingMilllington Wood car park
RefreshmentsThe Gait Inn Millington
  • From the picnic area/car park, head north through the gates and into the woodland.  Eventually you will reach a small clearing and charcoal kiln.  Charcoal has been produced in Millington Wood since 1995, although the process dates back to the Bronze Age 4,000 years ago.
  • With the kiln to your right, keep walking further into the heart of the wood.  Follow the gently-sloping path along the valley bottom of the woodland and see flowers at close quarters.
  • Head up the steps until you reach a junction.  The steps straight ahead lead to a dead end but if you take these you will enjoy fantastic views of Millington Wood and the Yorkshire Wolds.  Alternatively, turn right and continue south towards the central clearing.  Once in the central clearing head left and follow the track back to the car park.

Features of Interest

  • Millington Wood is located approximately 1½ kilometres north of Millington village and 5½ kilometres northeast of Pocklington. It lies at the southern entrance of the complex chalk dry valleys known as Millington Dales. Millington Wood occupies a side dale called Lily Dale.
  • The Local Nature Reserve is 50 acres of mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland that has been described as the richest botanical woodland in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The wood is managed for nature conservation and recreation by East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Countryside Access Team. There are no Public Rights of Way running through Millington Wood but permissive paths allow you into this fabulous woodland.

Information kindly supplied by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.