The partners involved in the Langeled Project are helping turn Pocklington green with the launch of their community run ‘go green’ project – the first of its kind in the region.

In June 2005 Norweigian Oil & Energy company Hydro who are the lead operators in the £5.5bn Ormen Langeled project offered £360,000 in grant aid for qualifying organisations across the East Riding. The fund called the Langeled Rural Community Development Fund is being administered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council with the money being made available to support projects that will make rural East Riding a living, working, protected and vibrant countryside where rural communities could thrive for the next several decades.

With funding from Langaled a voluntary group called ‘Greengrass Recycling’ has set up a green waste recycling scheme for the town.  It will introduce a kerbside collection service taking the green waste to a central point for shredding and composting.  The aim is to divert green-waste from landfill.  It is estimated 1,549 tonnes of green waste is currently produced in the town annually so there is plenty to aim to recycle.  Eventually the waste will produce a compost like material suitable as a soil enhancer.  Greengrass recycling are looking at various sites to process the green-waste and would welcome contact with anyone who might be able to assist.  Indeed once the scheme is ‘up and running’ personnel will be required to provide the collection service.   Anyone who is interested in obtaining more information can call the Chairman of the group Richard Bryon on 01759 304851.


Karen Wood & Richard Bryon examine the compost