Fourteen members of the Trendelburg-Pocklington Twinning Association travelled recently to Trendelburg in Germany to celebrate ten years of friendship.

We are, these days, almost as familiar with the sights around Trendelburg as we are with those around Pocklington. Nevertheless, our German hosts managed to throw a few surprises into our five day visit.

Along with visits to museums of glassware and porcelain, we also spent one pleasant evening wine tasting in the nearby historic town of Bad Karlshafen and another in the village of Stammen improving our skills  at Kegeln – nine-pin skittles.

Daytime visits included exploring a gypsum mine where machinery was demonstrated and a visit to a local bakery, where the sophistication of the facilities amazed everyone, before being invited to make pizzas to our individual tastes.

We received instruction in archery which most of our members found a little easier than at first expected.

We also spent a complete morning constructing a large crown and cutting and polishing stone “jewels” to be embedded into it; the completed crown will be displayed as a lasting momento of our years of friendship.

We were waved off on our last morning by Dieter Uffelman, costumed as the medieval knight “Ritter Dietrich vom Reinhardswald” along with “Trendula” on horseback. Dieter is an expert in local history, and especially the myths and legends which abound in this area.

Although sad to have to take our leave of our hosts we now have the challenge of organising an equally interesting itinerary for their next visit.


Ritter Dietrich says farewell to the group.