Pocklington Allotment Association 

Seventh Annual Flower and Vegetable Show

To be held in the Concert Room of the United Services Club, Waterloo Lane, Pocklington (with the kind permission of the club committee) on


Saturday 20th August 2016


Exhibits to be entered between 9.00 am – 10.00 am and staged by 10.30 am

Judging will commence at 11.00 am when the venue will be vacated.

 Schedules and entry forms are available in the boxes beneath the notice boards.

 The P.A.A Committee would welcome the gift of any item suitable to be given as a prize in the Tombola

Pocklington Allotment Association Annual Vegetable Show Saturday 20th August 2016

Flower, Vegetable & Fruit Classes

  1. A collection of 4 kinds of veg; one of each kind, staged on trays. (max. size 22ins x 16ins)
  2. 4 white potatoes; staged on paper plates.
  3. 4 coloured potatoes; staged on paper plates.
  4. 3 onions under 8oz; staged on dry sand on plates. Check weights
  5. 3 onions over 8oz; staged on dry sand on plates.   Check weights
  6. 3 beetroot globe; top trimmed to 75mm on plates.
  7. 1 green cabbage; stalk trimmed to 50mm.
  8. 1 red cabbage; stalk trimmed to 50mm.
  9. 1 cauliflower; stalk trimmed to 50mm, cut leaves to outside of curd.
  10. 4 tomatoes; medium – large, staged on plates with calyces attached
  11. 9 cherry tomatoes; staged on plates.
  12. 3 carrots; tops trimmed to 75mm.
  13. 7 runner beans; staged flat on show bench.
  14. 7 dwarf beans; staged flat on show bench.
  15. 1 cucumber; staged flat on show bench.
  16. 1 courgette; staged flat on show bench.
  17. 1 heaviest marrow.
  18. 1 small marrow; to be approx. 350mm in length.
  19. 1 summer squash.
  20. 1 sweetcorn.
  21. 2 parsnips; trim tops to 75mm.
  22. 2 leeks; blanched, flags to be tied.
  23. 5 shallots; large, staged on dry sand.
  24. 5 pickling shallots; must not exceed 30mm in diameter.
  25. 9 raspberries
  26. 1 specimen of any other vegetable not specified in vegetable classes.
  27. 1 vase of 3 stems of spray chrysanthemums.
  28. Dahlias, 1 vase of 3 blooms, any cultivar.
  29. Sweet peas, 1 vase of 5 blooms, same colour.
  30. 1 Bloom and 1 Vegetable of any variety.
  31. Gladioli, 1 vase of 2 spikes any variety.

Entry Fee: 25p per exhibit

Prizes: First: £1.50, Second: £1, Third: 50p

Schedule of Rules:

  1. All Exhibitors must be tenants or joint tenants of the Pocklington Allotment Association.
  2. All exhibits in all classes must have been grown on Pocklington allotment by the exhibitor.
  3. Exhibits to be entered between 9:00am – 10:00am and staged by 10:30am
  4. Judging will commence at 11:00am when the venue will be vacated.
  5. The show committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits or property of the exhibitor.
  6. In case of dispute, the judges or committees decision is final and entries are accepted only on this condition.
  7. All exhibits are to be cleaned and in sound condition; free from soil and foliage pests and diseases.
  8. Entry is restricted to one per exhibitor per class.
  9. No exhibits are to be removed before 3.30pm without the express permission of the show committee.
  10. All exhibits remaining after 4:00pm will be donated to the United Services Club kitchen.
  11. Any person exhibiting any produce belonging to another and entering it as their own or exercising any artifice to deceive the judges or otherwise attempting to gain prizes by unfair means shall forfeit all claims to such prizes as may be awarded to them and the show committee reserve themselves power to refuse future entries from any such exhibitor.
  12. Presentation of Cups and Certificates at 3.00 pm by The Mayor of Pocklington.

Notes to Exhibitors

Trays for Class 1 will be available on the morning of the show, size 17” x 13.5” if needed by exhibitors. These trays must be returned at the end of the show.

Please click the link below to download an entry form