In October 2007 Pocklington Town council passed a resolution to go forward to attain Fairtrade status from this decision a small steering group called Pocklington F.L.A.G (Fairtrade and Local produce Action Group) was formed. In January 2009 Pocklington was declared a Fairtrade town, which in itself is a great achievement by such a small group after only 15 months. The group have also tried in various ways to promote local produce along with Fairtrade products and are also trying to encourage Pocklington to become plastic bag free.

Fairtrade status for Pocklington is to be applauded, we can all try and do our bit for developing countries, with the Fairtrade foundation ensuring that a fair price has been paid for a fair product we can help beat poverty in less established countries.

Anyone wishing to get involved can contact Martin Cooper (Chairman) at or through the town council office Tel No 01759 304851.