In a recent article the Pocklington Post found that many townspeople do not know who their Town Councillors are and would not recognise them in the street.

There are some members of the Town Council who have served the town for many years, having been re-elected every four years, and whose faces are well-known. Others, like myself, were successful at the last election and have gone through a very steep learning curve over the past three years.  Whatever our paths were to this current council, there is no difference in our dedication in working for the town.  It was quiet an eye-opener to hear the care with which decisions were discussed and the lengths to which councillors go in order to be fair and to act in the interests of Pocklington.

The work of committees is probably most interesting.  We have five main committees which split the work of the council and report to full council meetings.

 All planning applications are considered whereupon our views are given to the East Riding Planning Committee who make the final decision.

The Road Safety and Lighting Committee covers just what it says – but it is the East Riding who carry out the roadworks from its budget.

The Town Council own several areas of land and properties around the town which the Lands & Property committee deal with.  We are currently looking to reduce our commitments in this respect in order to make your money work better for the town.

We are always looking for more ways to promote the town, both for its residents and visitors, and the Development and Marketing Committee is working on ideas for tourism and information.  It liaises with various bodies in the area such as the Wolds Area Tourism Partnership, Market Towns Groups and Pocklington & Wolds Gateway Partnership.  These groups are mainly made up of ordinary townspeople with an interest in promoting and improving the town – you can join too!

The Town Council takes its financial responsibilities very seriously and we are grateful to those councillors with financial expertise for helping us to be more effiecient, through the committee that monitors the budget.

Of course the glue that sticks us all together (and I hope he won’t mind me calling him that) is the town clerk. His is the only paid role on the Town Council and he puts all the information together, keeps records and does a million other tasks, including answering the phone which seems to ring every two minutes, and talking to callers who just drop in!

And here I am your new Mayor.  You may not know my face (although the dog-walkers amongst you may know my dog Ralph) but you can be sure that I, along with the other councillors, am determined to continue to work for the interests of this town and its people.

June E Malcolm

Town Mayor


Town Mayor Cllr. June Malcolm